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(Kaehkēnawapahtāēq is a tuition-free school.)

Kaehkēnawapahtāēq Lottery Policy

To be fair to all of our community, we have established an enrollment window with a lottery process. The lottery process is a way to populate classrooms if more students apply than we have room for. This is a fair process where students are randomly selected from a pool of interested applicants.

If applications do not exceed the enrollment cap, all students will be accepted for admission. If the number of applications exceeds our capacity, then a lottery will be held. The Kaehkēnawapahtāēq Governance Board will perform the lottery and it will be part of the school record. Those not accepted will be placed on a priority waiting list in the order drawn. 


    • Once a student is accepted into Kaehkēnawapatāēq, they will be enrolled from year to year, unless the student is unenrolled. They will not have to go through the lottery process each year.

    • An automatic enrollment preference shall be extended to siblings of students currently attending the school (to build families of speakers) and children of teaching staff and Governance Board members. The total number of such children given this preference may constitute no more than 10 percent of the charter school’s total enrollment.

    • Students must complete both the Kaehkēnawapahtāēq and the Menominee Indian School District enrollment forms to be eligible for the lottery.

    • A student who withdraws and later wishes to enroll again will need to reapply and will have no priority over students applying for the first time.

    • If students apply after the deadline (March 11), they will be added to the class list on a first come, first serve basis.

    • All incoming siblings of students currently attending the school and children of teaching staff and Governance Board members will be given a spot and will not be included in the lottery if numbers do not exceed the established cap.

    • Special needs of students will be met according to the goals of their IEP. The school district will provide needed special education services as appropriate.

Lottery Procedures


    1. If a lottery is necessary, all families will be notified. The lottery will be announced and will be open to the public.

    1. Incoming students will be listed on a roster and assigned a number in the order of application submission. 

    1. Numbers will be randomly generated through an online randomizer (example: to fill the classroom seats. 

    1. Once classrooms have met their established cap, remaining students are placed on a waiting list in the order generated. 

    1. Older and same grade siblings will be admitted once one of their numbers are selected. 

    1. Families will be notified via phone call and given 24 hours to accept or decline enrollment for their child or children. If the family declines their spot, the next child on the waiting list will be notified and given the same 24 hours to respond, and so on.